Thank you for visiting Acrylic Pines. This section provides a brief description about Acrylic Pines, its creator (myself), and my goals.


Company Description

Acrylic Pines is an Art and Design-centered Store and Blog created in May 2017. I, Alexa Smith, am the creator and author of Acrylic Pines works and content. However, guest posts and products may be included throughout the site. Acrylic Pines is based in Portland, Oregon.

The focus of our business is to promote and provide access to accurate and constructive information about art, art products, and art education. With an immense amount of information available, it can be difficult to find the correct solutions to artistic questions. Therefore, my aim is to assess and share ideas about what art is,  what it means to be an artist, and how to professionally execute artistic expression.

I had the opportunity to attend a university for a period of time, but not the privilege to finish my degree. Financial and physical limitations hindered my access to academic study. Unfortunately, it has been a difficult challenge to face. There are many that may be in my situation who want to learn about academic art practices, but don’t have the ability to access them. Consequently, my hope is to provide a bridge between the two. While this is not to replace an education, it provides an opportunity to learn a portion of what could potentially be attained in an academic setting. Various courses and tutorials (under construction) that will become available on this site aim to do just that. 

Additionally, our aim is to work with businesses and brands that promote similar ideas (sponsorships are welcome).

Above all, our goal is to embolden artists, encourage creativity, and promote professionalism.


Current Products

Current products include artworks and photographic prints by the artist/owner, Alexa Smith. E-courses and training videos, among other virtual products, are currently being developed.



Acrylic Pines is active and available through many channels. While this is the main site for the business, it is accompanied by a blog and artist portfolio. Furthermore, interested parties can find Acrylic Pines on the following social media channels:










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The main goals of Acrylic Pines are to:

  1. Promote and sell artwork by the artist.
  2. Share helpful information about art and related topics.
  3. Provide unique and influential courses & videos to inspire others to pursue and improve their artistic goals & talents.
  4. Encourage art as a means of improving our health and quality of life.


Thank you to all who have or will support me and my business! Your encouragement is invaluable.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.



Alexa Smith, Owner

Acrylic Pines, © 2017

Portland, OR