Thank you for your interest in a commission!

love painting commissions. What I enjoy is seeing someone’s ideas come together in a beautiful piece. My niche as an artist is local Pacific Northwest landscapes, and I love textures and bright colors.

You can request for a specific image to be painted or drawn. Before commissioning a work from me, I hope you’ve taken some time to view my other works. That way, you’ll have a better idea of what the resulting artwork will look like, and style in which it will be painted or drawn.


The Commissions Process

After submitting your request, you will receive an email with more detailed information about the commissions process. Please read this carefully. I want you to feel comfortable and satisfied with your commission, from start to finish! Included in this email will be a request for more detailed information of the work you are commissioning. When you request a work, it’s best to have a clear idea of what size you would like the work to be and the medium you prefer. The link will take you to a form with tailored questions to help you explain what you would like painted or drawn.

Sizes and Pricing

Please refer to the following size chart for recommendations and pricing.

SizeAcrylics starting atOils starting atAdd A Frame

Prices vary based on the parameters of your request.

For acrylic paintings, priming may be an additional cost. Priming is the base of paint underneath the painting. It is typically white, but another color may be painted. I typically don’t prime acrylic paintings because it isn’t needed, and I prefer the neutral base color of the unprimed canvas.

Frames are an additional cost. The frames are ‘recessed’ or ‘float’ frames. You may customize your frame by choosing the stain or painted color of the wood. Pine or another high-quality wood is used to build the float frame for your work. (Hanging hardware is included.)

Because shipping varies based on weight and size, shipping prices are not included in this estimation. Shipping is an additional cost. A shipping quote will be provided when the work is completed and weighed.

If the size you would like to request is not included in the chart, you may request a price quote for a custom size. Fill out the form below!

My Promise

I am dedicated to a high level of professionalism in my works. I construct my stretcher bars from pine wood and use only high-quality materials to build her canvases. Frames are also built from high-quality wood and finished with a waterproof seal to prevent damage. Artworks are always handled with the utmost care. I do my best to provide not only a beautiful painting, and also a great experience commissioning a work.

You also have the option of following along during it’s creation with updates via email and social media. Every work I create gets its own personalized blog post. If you’re interested, you can be spotlighted as the commissioner of the piece! (Don’t worry, no personal information is given; just your name!)

With your finished piece, you also receive:

  • the preliminary sketches
  • a care packet
  • hanging hardware

Commissioning a work isn’t just getting an awesome work of art, it’s an experience that I want you to enjoy!

Excited to commission your work? Fill out the form below!


Thank you!

Alexa Smith, Artist

Acrylic Pines, © 2017

Portland, OR