Oregon Dawn

Oregon Dawn
Oregon Dawn, 2016
Acrylic on raw canvas, 24″ x 36″
Oregon Dawn is an acrylic painting on unprimed canvas. The bright, saturated palette reflects the dawn breaking through the pine trees. This work aims to capture the exceptional beauty of Oregon cloudscapes, and the natural wonders Oregon is so well known for.
This work is not available for sale.

The Inspiration

Oregon Dawn was the second painting I completed in here in Portland. This work holds specific meaning for me. I snapped a photo of my first dawn on the northwest coast breaking through the clouds, and this painting was born from it. I was so inspired by the beautiful clouds and the colors in the sky. It might sound cliche, but the Pacific Northwest really does have the most fantastic sunrises and sunsets. It might have something to do with the constant rain, or being so far north. But I’m convinced I could paint cloudscapes the rest of my artistic career.

After painting this, I realized how much I loved painting skies. Clouds give just enough subject matter to have something to render, but are abstract enough to allow loose interpretation. At first glance, a blue sky might seem monotone. But if you start painting, you’ll find there’s an endless variation of shades and values. Painting cloudscapes really allowed my mark making to shine, and I could focus on how much I love texture, the physicality of the paint, and colors.

This is still my favorite painting, and has been the inspiration for my business, Acrylic Pines. Color schemes, logos, the name, and much more were derived from this painting. It currently hangs in my room, adding a fantastic pop of color to the white walls.

How It Was Made

I build all of my paintings from scratch. I construct my cradles, stretch my canvases, and prime them if I need to. There are a few reasons I do this. First, because it’s more professional, and you end up with higher-quality frames. Second, it’s actually cheaper to build them than to buy a pre-made canvas from the store. Well, unless you find a really good sale. And third, the natural look of the pine beams and raw canvas accentuate the landscapes I paint.


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Unfortunately, this work isn’t for sale – but you can commission one like it! The commission process is easy, and designed just for you. You choose the image, the size, and you get to choose if you want the work framed. Get more information here!

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